The Fast, Growing And Emerging Technology

The Fast, Growing And Emerging Technology

The idea of Cloud computing refer to several application or services all over the internet and the combination of system software and hardware that are responsible to provide those services and application. This combination of hardware and software is known as cloud or internet.

Cloud computing is basically a new technology that is becoming more and more popular in last few years. Basically it is virtualization technology in which various distributed computer systems are connected together in order to form or make a big virtual computer system which can easily manage the computation and large amount of data.

Description This virtual technology makes it possible that each computer system appear as a separate computation machine allowing users to install operating system and software on each separate physical machine and the user can also configure or set rules for each and every node.

The concept of cloud computing is basically evolved from the concept of distributed computing, parallel processing and grid computing. According to a study, the data is no longer available on the one’s personal computer system but are hosted to be accessible at any time in any location.

This process is attractive and irresistible. Basically it is an opportunity to access several IT resources more efficiently and effectively. This type of approach is described as an It consumption pattern which relies on several resources.

This technology in IT generation offer more effective and efficient approach to access the IT tasks. All internet based applications are delivered through the third party resources, mixture of private and public clouds and internal resources.

There is a consensus that this technology has many advantages, but the businesses are not totally committed to spend in cloud computing services and applications because of the regulation, security and management of the data and resources. According to 2009 survey, only 59 % of the businesses were familiar with the concept of Cloud Computing.

It is a collaborative environment for the employees so that they can access the various shared resources from any location. All users seem to be very comfortable with accessing shared resources and documents that are stored in the cloud machine. This was all about cloud computing technology. All the features of cloud computing are the requirement of an individual and businesses that are searching for the deducting the cost.

Benefits of Using a Website Hosting Company Versus Hosting Your Own Site

Benefits of Using a Website Hosting Company Versus Hosting Your Own Site

There are many benefits to using a website hosting company rather than attempting to host your own ecommerce website. These benefits include the support, backups, flexibility, security, and more.

Technical support can become an issue if you are hosting your own site. If you are not responsive enough then this may cause customers to shop with someone else. When you choose an ecommerce hosting company you can rely on technical support that is reliable and open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can call for technical support even on the holidays.

In addition, you won’t have to worry about not being able to contact help when troubleshooting functionalities you don’t understand on your ecommerce website. Many times you will be talking to support personnel located on the other side of the world on a different time zone. Any time of day you will get someone on the phone for help. You won’t be stuck trying to figure out functionalities on your own.

When you choose an ecommerce hosting company you can also benefit from backups. You won’t have to purchase your own backup server nor will you have to worry about recovering files. If you don’t run your own backups and the files of your site are deleted then you may be looking at long periods of downtime while you rebuild your site from scratch. When an ecommerce hosting company provides backups they save you money and time.

Flexibility is an excellent
Benefit with an ecommerce hosting company. When you want to integrate new features, upgrades, and other things it will be a simple process. When you choose a package make sure the flexibility is there because you don’t want to get stuck buying a more expensive plan with the company. You will come across upgrade issues.

Security is the most important thing when it comes to ecommerce hosting. Your shoppers are not going to use their credit card if they are not secure and you cannot guarantee security of their personal and banking information. In addition, it could cost you a lawsuit.

There are many benefits of using an ecommerce hosting company rather than trying to host your own site. A retail site has many components that require a lot of responsibility with shopper’s information, functionality and more. A website host provides backups, support for troubleshooting, security, and flexibility.

Start A Web Hosting Business From Home

Start A Web Hosting Business From Home

This article about how to start a web hosting business from home is composed of two halves. In the first part I will look at how you can promote your new start up business and get customers buying into your service, and in the second part I will look at reseller hosting programs that can be used by anyone to set up a web hosting business with no technical knowledge or experience, and without having to get involved in the technical aspects of the business at all.

I obviously can’t even begin to tell you everything that you need to know to run servers yourself, so I won’t even try to touch on this aspect of it.
Running a web hosting business can be very profitable indeed if you can get clients.

But you will soon find out that it is a very competitive business indeed with lots of big companies already occupying the market and therefore making it very difficult for small, new companies to compete. You will certainly find it very difficult to get natural search traffic or to buy visitors through Google AdWords at a price that give you the return on investment that you need.

But there are still ways that you can do it. One way is to buy and sell websites on auction sites. You can then include 1 month, 6 months, or perhaps even a year of free hosting with every site that you sell, making your listings stand out, attract bids, and make more profit, and also pulling in customers who will most likely renew their hosting with your company after the free period has ended.

Another way is to offer a free hosting service. WordPress offer a free and easy to use platform for creating a free blog hosting site. You can then add your own links to the free blogs people create to generate revenue and promote your own service, as well as selling upgrades to the customers who set up a free account.

Creating a relationship with other businesses, such as web designers, is also a good idea, or even with developers of small CMS scripts. If you know nothing about web hosting you can still get in on this business using a reseller hosting program.

That basically means that you buy web hosting at a wholesale price and sell it on at a retail price, the same as any other business, meaning that you can focus on marketing and sales and leave the technical parts to the people who know exactly what they are doing. And even if you don’t have the design skills to create your own site to sell from you can still do it using a white label, or private label program, many of which are free to use.

They then provide you with templates and a control panel to easily build your own website to sell from without having to do any major design or development work yourself.

As I already said, this can be a very profitable business indeed, but it is worth noting that you really do need to look at a business like this over the long term. Many customers will stay with you and keep paying you money each month for many years. This means that your business can expand very substantially over the course of years as new customers come in and old ones stay with you, generating a very large income.

But you will almost certainly find that this building over a period of years is necessary to reach a high level of profit – you are unlikely, therefore, to make a lot of money in your first year, or perhaps even in your second. But by year 5, you can expect to be doing very well from it indeed.


Reasons Why Domain Squatting is Such a Big Business

Ever since a few prime domain registrations sold for as much as $8 million, domain squatting has become one way of earning big bucks in the cyber world. Domain monetization has become a career for many individuals.
Domain name speculation is like investing in the share market; you could raking in big bucks or make a loss. Most techies consider domain name speculation a way to make a fast buck as it is low investment with a huge profit potential. However, these days registering domains could also lead to your getting embroiled in the entanglement of a law suit.
According to major registrars, the parked domain business nets over $5 – 8 million each year.

1.Domain pages can be registered for small sums of money with a full refund if cancelled within 5 days. So, you can select a few names and see what happens.
2.If the “name” is an important one then it could sell for between USD 5000–USD 8 million dollars. If you are lucky you could buy a name that has great demand.
3.While parked you can earn from the web site by running ads and generating traffic. Revenue from text ads is projected to be approximately USD 400-600 million world wide. According to Susquehanna Financial Group it is expected to become a USD 1 billion dollar business by 2007.
4.One can use Google’s AdSense to turn the parked pages into some use.
5.It is important to use the forwarding and redirection service offered by the domain registrar. Only then, will all searches that are related even closely to the name registered by you will be forwarded to your site.
6.Tie up with a suitable affiliate program. Then you will make money by simply redirecting surfers to sites they are aiming for. For example if your site is then by setting up an affiliation with a book seller or online library you will benefit greatly.
7.You can at an appropriate time sell the domain name on an auction site.

One such broker is To give you an idea, domains like sold for $92,800 while a1restaurants just sold for $730.
To be successful, you have to create a system. First you must find out on a regular basis which domain names are for sale, which ones have expired, and which names are likely to have a “demand” on the market. Then, you need to register as a merchant on a popular site that has high traffic like Aftenic or eBay and display what you have for sale. High quality domains, you will find, immediately receive bids. All you need to do is keep in mind a suitable price and sell for a profit.

As a “domain investor” you need to know which ones to buy. Assured are names that end with .com or .org. The estimated income if you are clever could be as high as USD 5000- 10,000 each month. However, don’t let the thrill of profit carry you to the deep end. Financial disasters can happen quickly. Invest a little, get back your investment and then reinvest the profit.
Domain buying and selling can become addictive just like poker or horseracing.
Be careful!