Why Web Hosting is Important?

Why Web Hosting is Important

Web Hosting is an extremely important part of the success of a website. It is often the last thing people think about when they are designing or having a website designed, the type of web hosting you have can have a big impact on your site. There are all sorts of web hosting available from free hosting to more advanced hosting like managed hosting and colocation.

It is important that the web hosting package that you choose is able to cope with the number of visitors you expect. If the bandwidth is not sufficient then people trying to view your website will be unable to. This is not good for business, as it will be losing you potential customers. Remember that your visitors may increase over time so you will need extra bandwidth on top of what you expect to require immediately.

No matter which hosting company you choose there will be some downtime, for example when updates to the server are being made. This should be as minimal as possible though. Downtime means that there is a problem with the hosting resulting in visitors being unable to view your site. This looks unprofessional and may put people off. This could cause visitors to go to a competitor and never come back.

If you choose a host that has many problems and a lot of downtime then you are throwing money away.
You need to make sure that your hosting package offers you enough web space for your website to be able to have all the features you require. Minimal web space will limit the data you can have on your site. For example, if you want many images and video on your website you will need to have a fair amount of web space.

It is likely that you will want to make changes to your website from time to time. This is easier with some hosts than others. You may require FTP access, which allows you to upload HTML files to your site. This doesn’t just come down to what you need in terms of your website – it also depends on your knowledge. You may need a Content Management System (CMS) that allow you to make changes to the website.

This is offered by some hosting packages but not others. It is also possible that you will want your website managed for you. You may not have sufficient knowledge to manage the hosting yourself, and there are packages that include management.

Depending on the type of website you have, the right domain name (website address) could be very important to you. Most web hosts allow you to have the domain name of your choosing (assuming it isn’t taken by someone else), but some of the cheaper hosts force you to use a sub-domain of there own. This is not good if you have a business site, as you will probably want your address to be the name of the business.

Depending on the size of your website you may need your site to be hosted on its own server. This will cost more but could be beneficial for large sites. Shared Hosting will probably be enough for smaller sites. With shared hosting, you website will be sharing web space and bandwidth with other websites. This limits the amount available to you more than hosting it on its own server.
Support levels are also an important consideration.

The amount of support available can vary from unlimited to nothing. If you have limited knowledge of hosting then support could be an important factor when choosing a web host. You do not want to be in a position where you are struggling and need help, but none is available.

So there are many things to think about when deciding on you web hosting, some of which could have a significant impact on the success of your website. It is often underestimated, but choosing the right web hosting based on your circumstances is crucial.


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