What Are the Key 3 Woes of an Expanding and Growing Websites

What Are the Key 3 Woes of an Expanding and Growing Websites

It is every web-masters dream came true to see their websites being consistently growing and expanding for their online business. No one really wanted to sustain a small, obscure website under any circumstances. Many new comers did not come to realize that big and growing sites face a number of great issues as a result of its increased popularity until it is much too late.
Experienced web-masters are well aware of such issues and they have learnt through the hard ways by realizing that some things can be done to pre-empt them when things did not move to the right direction as per required.

a.Too many pages to update – Making provision to keep certain common features in one single location instead of having them on every web page such as the logo, last revision date, navigation menu, etc are some of the things which we can do ahead of time to avoid much complications in the future when the website grew and the web pages get to increase from a few pages to hundreds of pages.

It is wise and necessary to plan for the eventual growth of your sites even if you start off with a small site itself. Identify common design, icon, elements, logo etc which you will have in every web pages to be at one central master location for ease of updating and upgrading.

b.Traffic congestion issue – When a website starts out, the bandwidth has never being posed as an issue because your online customers are not that huge during the initial stage. However as one’s site gets to grow, your existing bandwidth of 5GB suddenly seemed to be too skimpy and inadequate to support your online Business operation and potential visitors as effective as they have been planned for.

In order to prevent your sites from being forced to shut down because your online traffic had exceeded its predefined allocation, you will be penalized for not being able to run your site during the predefined period of time. In order to avoid this issue, some web-masters have to prepay to reserve for additional predefined amount of data transfer for urgent cases.

The best recommendation would be to think and act ahead of time. Find out what is the allocated bandwidth or data transfer policy from your web hosting provider. Review if the allocated amount is sufficient to support your site for now as well as for future growth. Don’t plan conservatively for you will need to anticipate for the worst case which might happen if your site grows extensively in the near future.

c.The reliability and up-time – When one’s website grows and expands over time with increasing visitors and customer base, the ability for the site to sustain its quality up-time become increasingly important and crucial at times. Even with a short downtime of 1 hour, for an established website, the impact will be significantly great because of the huge numbers of visitors and customers which you are likely to lose within that duration. If this down-time is not controlled effectively, you will be losing your critical customer base sooner or later which will definitely jeopardize your business in no time.


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