Websites With Yola – How to Build a Online Presence For Your Business in Minutes!

Websites With Yola – How to Build a Online Presence For Your Business in Minutes

Yola, formerly Synthasite, is a free website building application that let’s you build a online presence without software. Yola also provides free hosting. Today I’d like to show you how to build your first website in minutes using Yola.

1. Choosing a Template There are plenty of options even WordPress-like templates. When choosing a template be sure to choose one you can customize the header.

2. Customizing the Template Customizing your website is easy. You can create a header simply by following the dimension describe on the template and upload it in minutes. The site will allow you upload image files up to 20mb.

3. Blog or Website? You can build a Blog or Website with ease using Yola. I admit websites are labor intensive. I prefer building blogs, because they are easy to get indexed with search engines. To start building your first page drag and drop a text widget and began adding your content. You can also add videos, and pictures in the same fashion.

4. Add widgets Yola has the most widgets I’ve seen on a free website builder. Add a Google AdSense widgets and start earning money. Add comment widgets to create a dialog with your visitors. Use Spring widgets to stream your latest YouTube Video. I love using widgets. They create a website that is continually changing and interacting with your audience.

Add an HTML widget to add banners to your website page. I use this widget to place Google Analytics on my website. I recommend Google Analytics to anyone who has a website. It will allow you to track the number of visitors and where they came from. Every website should use it.

5. Get a domain Once you’re done, the next thing to do is grab a domain name. You can choose a sub-domain for free or purchasing a domain for a small fee.

6. Publish Your Website Once your website is complete, you can publish it with a click of a button. While Yola is one great alternative to Paid hosting,, there are many other ways to create an online presence. My advice is to research other providers and compare features.

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