Web Sites and Domains for Artists and Artisans

Went to an art fair at our mall today. Winter is coming on and everybody was headed that way. Was very busy. I wandered from stall to stall looking at paintings, draperies, handcrafted furniture, a dozen potters and another dozen photographers. All good. Some better than others.

While I didn’t buy anything I picked up a number of business cards thinking of contacting the artists I really liked later for Christmas gifts. Every single artisan had a business card. Every card was unique; a great deal of each individual artist’s thought, talent, and energy had gone into the creation of these unique cards. I was impressed. Until I got them home and took a look at them. Most of them–including some I remembered as among the best–had no website listed on the card.

Come on folks, it’s the Third Millennium, and business cards will no longer cut it! You need a website. Ok, sure, it’s still a good idea to carry your business cards around with you and hand them out to everybody that shows the least interest in you or your creations.

But don’t stop there! Whether you paint pictures, craft furniture or throw pottery, you’re a visual artist and the best place for any visual artist to show his wares is on the all-encompassing new visual medium that is the Internet. You need a website. Unlike past generations of artists that had one chance to sell their goods while the potential customer was standing there in front of them, you can hope to show your goods to that customer over and over again–and you won’t have to leave home to do it! But to do this you need a website!

Besides, people expect it of you! And unlike a lot of business people you don’t have the excuse that you just don’t have any graphic ability. Look at your business cards: did you turn those over to someone else to develop? No? You probably did the drawing, coloring and positioning yourself. Well, as mediums go, the Web is even easier to configure. And cheaper. A domain name–your own name is good enough!–costs as little as ten bucks for a year and with many domain sellers you even get a free site and site builder to speed your development. And you don’t need an expensive professional site designer to get this done; you’ve probably got more graphic talent then they do anyway. Upload a few pictures with a bit of text like you do when you’re showing off on Facebook or YouTube and you’ve got a website.
Don’t let potential customers get away with only your name, phone number and a lingering memory. Give them something to really remember you and your creations with–the address of your website!

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