Unlimited Website Hosting – What Does it Really Mean

Unlimited Website Hosting – What Does it Really Mean

When you are considering website hosting plans you will usually see various limits imposed on the cheaper hosting packages. These restrictions can relate to:
Bandwidth Disk Space Number of Domains No of Databases.
You may also notice that some website hosting providers offer unlimited website hosting. This sounds good as you seem to be getting a lot for a small monthly fee.

However, you may also wonder if “unlimited” hosting can actually exist. Logically the answer has to be no as there will always be limits, ultimately the hosting company’s bandwidth to the internet and the amount of disk space on the server.

“Unlimited” in this sense is a marketing term rather than a technical term and we have to accept that unlimited website hosting packages will still have some restrictions.Rules are necessary to avoid a situation where one user on a shared server takes more than their fair share of the resources.

It is worth looking at how basic shared hosting services work i.e. how can the website hosting provider make money when offering an “unlimited” service for $5 per month?

The basis of the service is simple. Multiple users with their websites and email are hosted on one server using the same disk space, bandwidth and IP address. Clearly the more users on one server the higher the profitability for the company. Some companies put more users on one server than others which is why it is always best to go for a well known reputable company.
Shared servers are fine for personal users and small businesses but not suitable for very busy websites.

It is therefore reasonable for the hosting company to enforce conditions to avoid one user adversely affecting others.The website hosting provider will have a business model based on average values which should ensure that all users get a good service and will hopefully will be monitoring activity to ensure the physical limitations are not breached.

The danger is that a small number of users will take “unlimited” to mean just that and spoil the service for everyone else. To prevent this the terms and conditions usually include some limitations. This may include a limit an average bandwidth usage, files stored and a ban on certain activities e.g. certain gaming applications.

In summary there is no such thing as unlimited website hosting, it is a marketing gimmick, but for the vast majority of users the limits that are set will never be a problem and a shared “unlimited” account with a reputable company represents good value for money.

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