The Benefits of a Private Cloud

The Benefits of a Private Cloud

Many companies have found that utilising cloud services can be very advantageous to their business. Most will choose between public cloud and private cloud set-ups, but some will opt for an option that combines the two into a hybrid cloud. These different types of cloud hosting will often offer a range of different cloud services.

The most common of these services are Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service and Platform as a Service. A private cloud is where a company’s infrastructure and applications are hosted in the cloud but are maintained behind a firewall often on a private network. Unsurprisingly this kind of cloud is practically the opposite of a public cloud. There are a number of benefits of utilising a private cloud.

The most obvious advantage in using a private cloud is the security. Many detractors of the public cloud have claimed using a public cloud is not a secure option. Often their fears are rather exaggerated as providers will usually put a great deal into securing and maintaining their cloud.

However, a private cloud is often seen as a more secure option and is generally a better option for companies that work with a lot of confidential data. Using this type of cloud means that your infrastructure and applications are behind firewalls and other security precautions – this serves to increase your levels of protection. Equally, as the sole user of the private cloud, you can choose what security measures to implement.

The use of a private cloud can also help you to avoid ‘vendor lock’. Many providers are keen to keep their customers and make sure that they continue hosting with them. For example, if a new type of application is released by a competing software vendor you may not be able to use it as you are already using a different application on your current hosting plan.

Some hosting companies may also be less than helpful when you need to move data to a different provider. With a private cloud this can be avoided as your applications will be hosted within your private space and the data for your applications will stay on premise.

If a company wants a high degree of control over applications and infrastructure then a public cloud is probably not the best option. With a private cloud there is a much greater level of control on offer. You can choose what software and applications to use and how your data is secured. In addition, you can more easily make customisations to applications. With a public cloud making modifications or alterations to software or platforms is not generally encouraged or allowed.

With a cloud that is private, however, you have the flexibility to change and adapt your applications as you see fit and use them as you wish. With this kind of cloud there is much greater scope for customisation and personalisation.
There are several other advantages to using this type of cloud.

Many companies find that backing up their systems and data takes much less time than it could do with a public cloud. This is because with a public cloud the backing up process is directly tied to your internet speed. Another advantage of a private cloud is that you can choose how to use your resources and can easily combine them with the public cloud.

For example if there is a high level of demand, some providers will offer a service where the client can move some of their functions (generally those that are not confidential or private) to a public cloud. By doing this, the cloud that is private can free up extra resource to deal with the demand.

Utilising a private cloud can make sense to a lot of companies; the increased control and security are facets that are likely to appeal to many businesses. However, the public cloud can also be a good choice for certain parts of the company’s transactions. Improvements to the cloud mean that it no longer comes down to a choice between public and private clouds.

Now you can merge the aspects you like of each into a hybrid cloud hosting plan. As the cloud is quickly becoming an important part of many businesses it is continuing to develop so that it can provide the varied services that different users required.


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