Marketing Your Hosting Company

Marketing Your Hosting Company

As we enter 2010, a new decade of computing and technology begins. Taking a look back at the last decade certainly shows how the Internet and computing have come a long way, but it also shows that getting ahead in online business is growing harder and harder.

Startup companies have flooded the market, making it harder to create a brand and get it into the public. Large companies have developed huge advertising budgets, allowing them to spend hundreds of dollars to bring in even a single customer. While it may seem like it is impossible to compete in today’s marketing world, the fact is that you can get your hosting company out there and reach the kind of profits you seek without such a budget.

The key to gaining customers without spending money is one that few companies find themselves willing to perform. It’s a simple fact of the business that if you don’t have the revenue needed to easily advertise for new business, you are going to have to work twice as hard if not more. This means that setting up a company and building a website is simply not going to be enough. As the new decade rolls around, it is time for serious hosting companies to turn to a bit of guerrilla marketing.

The biggest thing for you to do in order to start bringing in enough customers to generate profit is to get your name out there. Big budget advertising is clearly out, but your options are still huge.

Create a brand of your company. Find an original name, purchase a domain name for it, and work to make a site that is unique. Create a blog around your name and your site, posting articles that share your expertise on the subject. Offer valuable information that readers can genuinely use, but be certain that the entries make you and your company seem like the best in the business.

You will want to make sure that there are links to your site across the web. Don’t just go to blogs and social networking sites and plaster your link everywhere, offer information on message boards and link to relevant posts on your blog. Create articles for directories and link your site in the about me section.

Make certain throughout the process that you are able to track page hits and visitor conversions so that you know what sources are working and try to tap into markets that are best for your company. The days of being able to build a site and watch it magically blossom are gone. A new decade has begun and if you want to stand out as a leading hosting company you are going to have to push to keep your name on everyone’s screen.


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