Colocation Vs Dedicated Hosting

Colocation Vs Dedicated Hosting

There are many options these days when looking to host a website. You may be happy with shared hosting or wish to have your own dedicated server. Where this is the case you can host it at your own premises or elsewhere. If you are looking to host it away from your own premises two options are colocation and dedicated hosting.

What is Colocation?

With colocation you purchase your own webserver, which you then own and run yourself. However, unlike you would if hosting it yourself, you then hire rack space at a colocation centre, which is a type of data centre. Here you can store your server and make use of the colo centre’s infrastructure and facilities, such as power, bandwidth, security and temperature control. You own the server but hire rack space where it is stored.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

With dedicated hosting you lease a webserver from a hosting company where your website is then hosted. Your site is the only one hosted on this server. Although the server is not shared with the hosting company’s other customers, the facilities are, meaning it is less expensive than hosting it at your own premises.

What are the Benefits of having your own Server?

With both colocation and dedicated hosting you have your own dedicated server, and this has certain advantages. Most importantly, you are not sharing the server with other websites, meaning problems with other sites won’t impact yours. There is an increased reliability when you have your own server and it can handle high amounts of traffic and content.

Benefits of Colocation

There are benefits to owning your own server, as opposed to leasing it. You are in complete control of it so can configure it how you wish. You can choose the software applications used, something that might otherwise be dictated by the hosting company. Decisions are not made by the hosting company, but by you. Colocation is a good solution for those who want something in between hosting their own server and hosting with a hosting company. You don’t have to host it at your own premises but can still make your own hosting decisions. Colocation gives you overall flexibility.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

Being in the hands of a hosting company, as you are with dedicated hosting, has certain benefits. You don’t have to make your own decisions regarding your website’s hosting, which is especially useful, perhaps essential, to those without hosting knowledge and experience. Many hosting companies offer, for a fee, to manage your hosting for you and this can be another benefit. However, this is also becoming increasingly common with colocation.

Which is the Best Value for Money?

The start-up costs of colocation can be higher but it can often be better value for money in the long run as there aren’t as high continuing costs as you are only renting rack space and not the server. The decision might come down to whether you have experience in hosting and how much choice you want in how your hosting is run. If you don’t have much experience then dedicated hosting may be preferable, but if you do and you want a lot of control then colocation may be the better option.

Colocation and Dedicated Hosting are two web hosting options.

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